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An Introduction to Honeymoon Registries

Maybe you just want to do something different from every other wedding. Perhaps you wish to avoid the hassle of traipsing from store to store and picking out countless items for your registry. There’s even a good chance that you already have most of the items that are usually found on a gift registry.

Here’s an idea: why not set up a honeymoon registry?

The concept of a honeymoon registry is similar to that of a traditional registry in that your guests are able to select from a list of “gifts” that they can purchase for you. But instead of things like serving bowls, china pieces, or glassware; the registry list will display entries like airfare, spa treatments, and theatre admissions. In other words, your wedding guests will have the opportunity to buy you pieces of your honeymoon in lieu of a standard wedding gift!

Here’s how it works: you and your spouse-to-be contact a honeymoon registry company to handle all of the particulars. You’ll select a destination, your travel dates, and your lodging. Then you will peruse a list of activities, amenities, apparel, and adventures and proceed to select the entries you want to appear on your honeymoon registry. The company will compile the list and make it available to your guests. Each guest can look through the list, pick out an appropriate honeymoon “gift,” and purchase it immediately through the company’s website. By the time you are ready to embark on your honeymoon, you’ll have a long list of events, items, and add-ons waiting for you!

Just imagine: your brother may buy you an evening candlelight cruise for your tropical getaway. Your best friend might spring for an upgrade to a balcony suite at your hotel. A teenage nephew may be able to afford a tray of chocolate-covered strawberries to be sent to your room after you check in. And your cousins may each purchase a portion of your airfare to your destination!

You should know that not all honeymoon registries operate the same way. So here are some details you should inquire about when looking for the ideal honeymoon registry for you.

Registration costs and fees
Some companies charge a flat fee, while others take a percentage of the total value of your registry gifts. Still others employ complex fee structures, while a few are absolutely free to sign up.

Services and products
Some companies only focus on the basics of airfare and lodging. Others allow you to add meals, hotel amenities and upgrades, and on-location activities to your registry. Still others may offer products and apparel which may complement your honeymoon (like beachwear, luggage, or snorkeling accessories).

Travel agency affiliation
 Find out if your honeymoon registry company is actually a travel agency. This may provide a clue as to how many arrangements it is able to make for you on a given trip. Travel agencies might also have access to better deals, which would mean lower prices for your guests.

Registry announcements
Determine if and to what degree the company helps you announce your registry to your guests. Some companies offer customized announcements (similar to wedding invitations) which can be mailed to each person on your guest list, while others only send a link via e-mail to each guest.

Ask the company if the registry can be integrated with a traditional gift registry (if you want to give your guests more options).

Determine whether or not the honeymoon registry company notifies you when someone purchases a “gift.” This can help you with the scheduling of your itinerary before you depart on your honeymoon.

Most importantly, make sure you know precisely when you will take possession of your “gifts” from the company. Will it be available on or before your wedding date or on the day you leave for your honeymoon? Is it necessary for you to pay for the selected amenities and activities out of your own pocket and then get reimbursed later? Or will you just get a check or a gift card upfront in the full cash amount of your gifts?

Here is a sampling of some companies who offer honeymoon registries: 
The Big Day - assesses a 9% service charge with no signup fee. The Honeymoon - is a virtual travel agency which incorporates a “sliding scale” of fees. Honeymoon Wishes - provides customer assistance by phone to help your guests choose their gifts. Hyatt Gift Registry - presents the couple with a gift card or check certificate equal to the value of all your gifts purchased by your guests Aruba Honeymoon Bridal Registry – is absolutely free if you select Aruba as your honeymoon locale.

There are many advantages to having a honeymoon registry. It’s innovative, fun for your guests, and eliminates the need for your family to haul away your gifts after the reception!

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