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Destination Wedding Tips and Advice

Planning the perfect, stress-free Destination Wedding and Honeymoon is a breeze when you have the benefit of our experience from Inspiration Travel your side. From choosing the sunniest resort getaway to picking out your dream beach wedding attire, we've compiled this special Tips & Advice section to help you learn how yours can be a Marriage Made in Heaven.

Destination Wedding Tips

Combining Wedding and Honeymoon
A benefit to having a destination wedding is not having to travel far for your honeymoon. Depending on where you choose to have your destination wedding, you can have the marriage ceremony and continue vacationing as your honeymoon, or you can have your ceremony in one place and continue on to another destination for your honeymoon. This works great in places like the Caribbean, where there are many small islands close together. In a typical wedding, the honeymoon accounts for 14 percent of your wedding costs, so by combining the two in a destination wedding, you can actually save money while creating a very memorable event!

Choosing a Destination for a Wedding and Honeymoon 
Choosing where to have your combination wedding and honeymoon can be made easy if you choose to book through Inspiration Travel. We can help you decide on a place if you want to get married and honeymoon in the same location, such as on an island in the Caribbean, or a beautiful Mexican resort. By choosing the same destination for both your wedding and honeymoon, you have much less in the way of travel and planning to do. Inspiration Travel can help you can make your wedding day and the time following into a relaxing unforgettable trip.

Guest Activities: Destination Wedding-Honeymoon Combo 
What do your guests do when the destination wedding ceremony is over? If you choose to get married and honeymoon on a cruise, a variety of options are available on the ship. But, keep in mind that it might not be too private or reclusive for the newlyweds. At most other destinations, before and after the wedding you can plan activities and other amusements for guests. Most of the time, however, guests at a destination wedding will be able to plan for themselves and will want to explore the beautiful environment and take in the local attractions.

How to Plan for a Destination Wedding and Honeymoon 
Planning a wedding and honeymoon combo is often easier than planning the two events separately. When planning on where to have your wedding and honeymoon, often you'll want to look at the honeymoon destination first; many all-inclusive resorts and other honeymoon areas offer a wedding ceremony as a basic add-on to your honeymoon package. Be aware, however, that even if a resort offers a free wedding with your honeymoon, you will still have to pay for legal fees to get married in that country (which can be about $200).

Traveling to Your Destination Wedding and Honeymoon 
Are you doing a destination wedding and honeymoon package? If you're having a cruise wedding and honeymoon, some of the travel costs are included in the trip. If you do a destination wedding and honeymoon, all of the travel related aspects – flights, airport transfers, resort fees, activities, entertainment and more – are offered through Inspiration Travel. Let us plan your perfect destination wedding-honeymoon without worry, while you focus on the more important things, like getting married! We will work one-on-one with you to learn about your likes and dislikes, and your wants and expectations so that they can work to provide you with a fabulous destination wedding and honeymoon trip.

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